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Empty me Chords

Jeremy Camp

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Empty me

Year: 2004 - Album: Live Unplugged

	  Capo - 2 (the easy way) 
Intro - E  Bsus  C#m  Asus2  E  Bsus  E 
E         Bsus 
Holy fire burn away 
   C#m        Asus2 
My desire for anything 
        E          Bsus 
That is not of you and is of me 
C#m                Asus2 
I want more of you And less of me 
Repeat verse 
E     Bsus  C#m   Asus2 
Empty me,   empty me,  
E    Bsus  C#m  Asus2 
Fill me    With you 
Repeat at will 

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