Jeremiah Bowser

Not My Own Chords

Jeremiah Bowser

Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

by educastilho

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Not My Own


Cmaj7/E   Cmaj7/D      Cmaj7/F 
          I am not my own 
Cmaj7/E     Cmaj7/D      Cmaj7/F 
  I've been bought for a price 
Cmaj7/E   Cmaj7/D          Cmaj7/F 
       No longer a slave to sin 
Cmaj7/E     Cmaj7/D       Cmaj7/F 
     But walking in your light 

Dm7                          G/B 
   It's a gift I don't deserve 
Dm7                         G/B 
   A reward I could never earn 

F2                          C   G/B 
  I will pay You with my praise 
F2                          C    G/B 
  With my voice and hands raised 
F2                              C  G/B 
  My song will last beyond the day 
Dm                          F2 (C/E when repeating Chorus) 
  That I see Love face to face 
(The day I see You face to face) 

I am not of this world 
Your call has set me apart 
I live an eternal life 
Ever since You changed my heart 
My words fail to express Your worth 
Greater than anyone's ever seen or heard 
You're a gift I don't deserve 
A reward I could never earn 

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