Jeremiah Bowser

Completely Yours Chords

Jeremiah Bowser

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by educastilho

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Completely Yours


Gm7/B                       G2 
    You would scour the entire earth 
Asus                C2 
    And never call off the search 
Gm7/B                        G2 
    Looking for the one that got away 
Asus            C2 
    Hoping I'd come back to stay 
Gm7/B                            Em 
    But I've been chained by the guilt of my sin 
Asus                     C2 
    Never letting myself let You in 
Gm7/B                      G2 
    But still You knock on my heart's door 
Asus                              C2 
    The same way you've knocked a thousand times before 

                         G          D/F# 
I don't want to make You run anymore 
       Em         D/F# 
Here I am, here I am 
                      G             D/F# 
I don't want to make You cry anymore 
       Em          D/F# 
Here I am, here I am 
                          G           D/F# 
I don't want to cause You pain anymore 
       Em         D/F# 
Here I am, here I am 
       G     D/F# 
I am Yours 
           Em    D/F# 
Completely Yours 

Here I come, 'round the mountain again 
There You stand with salvation in hand 
With blinded eyes, I pass right by 
But You remain for another try 
How must it feel, when Your love is denied 
When those once close, crucify 
But still You would run through the day and the night 
To ransom this once fugitive life 
Completely Yours 

I feel the wind blowing again 
Breathing life into me 
I feel the warmth of the smile on Your face 
As the sun is shining on me 
I feel the rain pouring again 
Washing my heart clean 
Wash me clean 

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