Jenny Phillips


Jenny Phillips

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Capo on 3rd fret

        Am         G 
Jesus climbed the hill 
          Em    C 
To the garden still 
      Dm         G        Am 
His steps were heavy and slow 
 Am          G 
Love and a prayer 
 Em        C 
Took Him there 
        Dm         G        D 
To the place only He could go 

Am G C Gethsemane Am G C Jesus loves me Dm Am G So He went willingly Dm Em Am To Gethsemane
Am G He felt all the sad Em C Wicked or bad Dm G D All the pain we would ever know Am G While His friends were asleep Em C He fought to keep Dm G D His promise made long ago
C G Am C The hardest thing that ever was done Am G C G The greatest pain that ever was known C G Am C The biggest battle that ever was won Dm Am G This was done by Jesus Dm Am G The fight was won by Jesus
Am G C Gethsemane Am G C Jesus loves me Dm Em G So He gave His gift to me Dm Em Am In Gethsemane Am G C Gethsemane Am G C Jesus loves me Dm Am G So He gives His gift to me Dm Em Am From Gethsemane

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