Jenny And Johnny

My Pet Snakes

Jenny And Johnny

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My Pet Snakes

(Jenny And Johnny)

	  		Intro ? A D 

A				D		(with rhythm) 
Well, I don't believe in double vision  
and I don't think that two heads are better than one  
and I can see is ouroboros  
when my pet snakes are sizing me up  

A		   D	      E	 
and if you don't believe in destiny  
then take what you're given  
you and I got caught between  
magic and business  

D	         A	             E		    A 
we walked in on you while you were polishing your knives  
(while your eyes were turning green)  
sleeping in a twin bed with a serpent by your side  
(are you trying to compete with me)  
talk a lot of shit, but you would never start a fight  
(about killin' me)  
D		A		E	 
God it makes me queasy when you smile  
(smile, through your jealousy)  

and I don't believe in suckin' your way to the top  
fingers crossed, you're flipping me off  
no, I don't need your supervision  
i'll sink this ship if I want  

and if you don't believe in chemistry  
then what were we doing  
you and i had everything from ____ to ruin  

everytime you come around I have to run and hide  
(and your eyes, are they bleedin?)  
I get claustrophobic even when I am outside  
(Are you trying? Gonna hurt something)  
I thought we were brothers man, I thought that we were tight  
(but your dog, it's so evil)  
sucking at the venom from your bite  
(as you poison me)  

hey dad... hello?  

And I don't believe paradise is lost  
I say this with my fingers crossed  

and if you don't believe in prophesy  
this ceremony's finished  
you and I tried everything from heroin to Guinness  

two thousand and nine, it was a bastard of a year  
(pass the joint to me)  
I can not get stoned no more, I only get the fear  
(but these hives, they are killin' me)  
we could have it out or we could have another beer  
(I could lie, so evil)  
all the best of luck with your career 

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