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Baby I Love You Chords

Jennifer Lopez

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by andealves

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Baby I Love You

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Tuning: Standard e|-5/7-5-4-0-2-3-2-0--------------| B|-------------------3------------| G|--------------------------------| D|--------------------------------| A|--------------------------------| E|--------------------------------|
Played 4 times Verse Chords A Em7 boy i never knew i could feel the way i felt when i felt the way A you were feeling me baby Em7 i'm so out of control, yeah A Em7 everytime you look my way i realize more and more A Em7 how much i adore those pretty eyes of yours i'm helpless baby Key change to C Bridge 1 F what i wanna know is E E.G are you willing to try F Dm can you love me for a lifetime E in just one night
A Em7 baby i love you (love you) A baby i need you(need you) Em7 i gotta have you(gotta have you babe) can't be without you (repeat)
VERSE CHORDS blessed and cursed on the same day the day that i first felt the power of you inside of me, such a strong feeling there comes a time in everyone's life when you know, and everyone around you knows that everything is changed, you're not the same, it's a new day Brige Chords oh what i wanna know is, are you willing to try there's gotta be more meaning to this than what meets the eye
baby i love you baby i need you i gotta have you can't be without you Bridge 2 F,F,Em7,Dm7,E,
Asus9 oh, i love the way you kiss me F,F,Em7,Dm7,E oh, baby please Dm, G, E i'm about to lose my mind Am Dm7 oh talk to me, cause i'm begging for you and i'm down on my knees E NC baby, i know you're the one that i need Drum interlude, then Intro riff played twice Then Chorus CHORDS PLAYED CONTINUOUSLY TILL END baby i love you(love you) baby i need you(need you) i gotta have you(gotta have you babe) can't live without you(be without you

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