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Jeff Tweedy

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verse 1 
G                    Am 
We've been through a lot, me and you 
Bm*           C/G 
Hospitals and bars 
I know how it hurts 
I'm a piece of work 
Bm*                       C/G 
And you're no walk in the park 
Em           Bm*           C/G     C/G 
Oh, that's a good place to start 
Bm              Am 
When things go wrong 
D7             C/G 
Our love gets stronger 

G  Am  Bm*  C/G 

verse 2 
G                           Am 
A normal heart is a shopping cart 
Bm*                     C/G 
Left by the side of the road 
Maybe I'm naive 
Is it up to me 
Bm*                    C/G 
Whether I'm alive or alone? 
Em        Bm*     C/G     C/G 
Oh, I'd love to know 
Bm            Am 
How things go wrong 
D7           C/G         G      G 
Love gets stronger each day 
Bm          Am     Bm   Am 
Things go wrong 
D7                C/G          G 
And our love is stronger that way 

Am Bm* C/G G Am Bm* C/G 
Bm Am Tragedy D7 C/G is guaranteed
G G verse 3 Bm Am Things go wrong Bm Am We think we can't go on D7 C/G G Nothing can break you and me Am Bm* verse 4 C/G G Am Oh, oh, oh D7 C/G I'm lucky I'm not alone Em Bm* C/G Oh, I don't need to know Bm Am Why things go wrong D7 C/G G G Our love gets stronger that way D7 C/G G Don't let your pain go to waste

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