Jeff Goodrich

Oh Lord My Redeemer

Jeff Goodrich

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Oh Lord My Redeemer


Gm7 Bb/C  C7  Bb   
F/A  Gm7  Fsus F 

                       Gm7      C                        C7/E               F       Dm7 
And the Roman soldiers laughed,  When they saw their pris'ner stumble 

                       Gm7                                 C 
He did not revile them back     and wondering I asked 

                    Fsus   F    F/A    
Who was this man so humble? 

                  Bb     C 
And a woman at my side 

C/Bb             Am7    Dm7 
Choked on her reply 

Though she struggled not to weep 

Tears poured down her cheek 

Her heart breaking as she cried: 

F Dm9 Gm7 C Oh Lord, my Redeemer, C7/E F F/A Thou hast done so much for me! Dm9 Daug/F# Gm7 C7sus Oh Lord, my Redeemer, C7 Bb F/add Gm7 Fsus F All my love I give to Thee!
Gm7 C And the crowd when pushing on, C7/E F Dm7 I felt compelled to follow. Gm7 I knew that they were wrong C How they mocked him all along Fsus F F/A Suddenly my heart felt hollow. Bb C For they nailed him to a tree C/Bb Am7 Dm7 On a hill called Calvary. Gm7 While I stood there filled with wonder, C The heavens roared with thunder, Fsus And again I hear this plea: Chorus Bridge: Fsus F Thee! F/A Bb C/Bb I could not forget His face Am7 Dm7 As I wandered from that place. Gm7 With the questions ever burning, C I put myself to learning, Fsus F And each answer came with grace. F/A Bb C/Bb And I knelt in earnest prayer, Am7 Dm7 His memory still there. Gm7 And the more that I'd enquire, Bb/C The hotter burned the fire. C7 Fsus I found joy beyond compare. verse 3: Gm7 C And the day turned into three. C7/E F Dm7 Morning found me in a garden Gm7 Where the gentle April breeze C Returned me to my knees, Fsus F F/A Pleading for a pardon. Bb C And I can't say when or why C/Bb Am7 Dm7 I opened up my eyes, Gm7 But his feet were there before me, C His hands were open o'er me, Fsus And His face I recognized. Chorus Bb F/A Gm7 F Thee

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