Jean Leloup

Blue eyes sky

Jean Leloup

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Blue eyes sky

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(Am C G F) x7 Am C G F Am C G F You say forget me and try to take care of yourself Am C G F Am C G G That I should work in a grocery store and give my love to the fruits F C Em Em F C Em E Instea...a-a-a-ea...a-a-a-ea...a-a-a-ea...a-a-a-ea...a-a-a-ea...a-a-a-eaaaaaaaad... Am C G F Am C G F Always take the healthiest way and say hello to the sun Am C G F Am C G G He's always in the sky you say even in those rainy days F C Em Em F C Em E Those rainy day..a-a-a-ay..a-a-a-ay..a-a-a-ay..a-a-a-ay..a-a-a-ay..a-a-a-aaaaaaay... Am Esus4 C D And it all came back along in my mind like a country song Am Esus4 C D The sweetest things I've flung all came back along (Am Esus4 C D) x2 (D D D D) x2 .......Tup tup tup....... (Am C G F) x4 Am C G F Am C G F Forgive me I was bitter when I said about you and your sky Am C G F Am C G G Why there were so many stars, cause each one is a broken heart. F C Em Em F C Em E Broken hea..a-a-a-ea..a-a-a-ea..a-a-a-ea..a-a-a-ea..a-a-a-ea..a-a-a-eaaaaaaaart... Am C G F Each star is a broken heart (x4) Am Am Each star

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