West Bay Invitational


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West Bay Invitational


Intro: A Bm G (4x) 

verse 1: 

  All of the 
neighbors decided 
F#m     G   Bm 
   It's time  to have 
all our strangers 
over and   make 
G      Bm 
friends  Chris got a 
A/C#       F#m 
pony keg of   loose 
G    Bm 
charm  I had 
an accident I 
F#m          G  A Bm G A Bm G 
   I hurt my arm 

verse 2: 

Bm            A/C# 
  People from bands 
and labels   The 
     G   Bm 
good ones  Plenty of 
stunning children 
F#m     G  Bm 
   East Bay  You 
were from Oakland by 
      F#m       G 
way of   the Midwest 
Bm           A/C# 
  I bought a rose 
and a suit with 
   F#m      G 
the   pants pegged 

Bm F#m You said "I smelled G you twice today" Bm F#m Someone was passing Em G out somewhere Bm F#m We kissed a shot G of Kentucky straight Bm F#m I swore this life Em G is worth the wait
Post Chorus: Bm-A/C#-F#m-G- x2 verse 3: Bm A/C# Hayes broke the F#m G scissors apologized Bm Our kitchen was A/C# crowded and steamy F#m G Isn't it always?
Bm I just looked F#m G deeper into you Bm F#m Em G You bit my neck blue Bm F#m We hung our clothes G up on the floor Bm F#m And put our faith Em G in a closed door
Interlude: D-A-F#m-G (4x) Outro: D We're having this A F#m G party Please come D It won't be the A same without you F#m G Please come D We're having this A F#m G party Please come D It won't be the A same without you F#m G D(hold) Please come

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