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Intro: E F#m C#m A  (2x) 

verse 1: 

E                F#m 
  Flattered that you  
   think I warrant  
A       E 
ugliness Gutters  
drain west 
mud made a mess of us 
It's time to  
           A    F#m 
leave this place 

Interlude: E F#m C#m A E F#m C#m G#m A F#m  

verse 2: 
E                      F#m 
  I'd saw through your wrist  
C#m                 A 
   to find a better trap that fits 
E                       F#m 
   I'd saw through your traps  
to find a better you 
  A                A    F#m 
A part of you that lasts 

verse 3: 
E                    F#m 
  I saw through your trap  
C#m         A 
   and into my own wrists 
E             F#m 
  Saw we were through 
red ribbons spill to blue 
  A                  A   F#m 
A sight to sore your eyes 

C#m A I got this dress E I'm hiking it around B this waste of laughter C#m A Slow dance alone with E no one to the sound B of four hands clapping C#m A Congratulations to you E B both I hope somewhere you're happy If there's a moral to this story then I wish you'd show me
verse 4: E F#m Hair in the blood C#m A fly in the disappointment E F#m Rubber I'm glue I'll C#m write the book on you A A F#m It's sticking to my face Interlude: E F#m C#m A E F#m C#m G#m A F#m Verse 5: E You need a little F#m C#m less than what you A take for granted E F#m This is the sip that's C#m drinking back from you A A F#m Blacking out your eyes Verse 6: E F#m You need a little more C#m A suppression of you appetites E F#m This is your honeymoon C#m in separate rooms A A F#m It's neither sweet nor bright (Repeat Chorus 1) Breakdown: G#m A (8x)
C#m A I made a word to E give this state a name B this game a guess C#m A I call it "sluttering" E It means as little B C#m as your little test A You are your worst E revenge Your very means B they have no ends C#m A This is a story you won't E B tell the kids we'll never C#m have If you hear this A E song a hundred times it B still won't be enough C#m If you hear this A E song a hundred times it B C#m still won't be enough

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