Lurker Ii Dark Son Of The Night


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Lurker Ii Dark Son Of The Night

Intro: Dm  (4x) 

then G F Am   (4x)  

verse 1:  
D             G    Bb  
  Connect the cable  
D      A     F  
  Have sex a lot  
D           G      Bb  
  A hostile climate   
D            A       F  
  clouds and sickens you  
D          G    Bb  
  Two room condo   
D          A    F  
  treeless culdesac  
D              G    Bb  
  A nun's dark habit  
D            A      F  
  All arm no follow through  

Refrain 1:  

G      F        Am  
  As a favor to me  
G      F        Am  
  As a place to go  
G      F        Am  
  As a favor to me  
G         F        Am  
  Little stitch to sew  

verse 2: 

D            G    Bb  
  Loose leaf paper  
D      A        F  
  At a loss for words  
D          G     Bb  
  A can of dinner  
D         A     F  
  Hard to get a rise  
D             G   Bb  
  Hook up the Sega  
D      A    F  
  Have sex alone  
D                   G     Bb  
  Stick a fork in a socket  
D            A     F  
  Still it's no surprise  

  I think I'm   
F        Am  
coming unplugged  
G         F  
  I just scratch   
and shrug  
G        F     Am  
  Itches in my teeth  
G      F        Am  
  As a favor to me  
to me to me to me  

D G I can't watch F G you all the time F#m G Much as I would like to A Em G As I think I ought to D G It's hard to argue F G for this life F#m G Harder still without you A Em G Don't make me survive you
Post Chorus: Dm (4x) verse 3: D G Bb Ripe fruit falls D A F from the tree so bare D G Bb Dead in sunshine D A F decomposing there D G Bb Spoiled and keeping D A F Keeping tracks to pick D G Bb Fitful sleeping D A F Were you never sick? Refrain 3: G F Am Another mouth to feed G F Am As a favor to me G F Am As a need to need G F Am As a favor to me to me to me to me (Repeat Chorus)
D G Bb Warm and sated D A F The walls get interesting D G Bb Don't know what they're saying D A F Perhaps they're listening D G Bb So I stopped talking D A F to hear the pins drop D G Bb I'm in the back room D A F so I won't hear you knock

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