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Lion of Judah Chords

Jason Upton

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by JAC0B0

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Lion of Judah

	  (Verse 1) 
Em                                Em/C 
No one knows the tour. No one knows the day 
Am           D             Em 
Jesus us coming soon 
Em                             Em/C 
All creation trembles, longing for the day 
 Am         D             Em 
Jesus is coming soon 
C                     G/B         Bb                F/A 
There will be judgment. There will be mercy 
 Ab           Bb         C 
   On that terrible day 
 Em                    G/B       Bb                 F/A 
Leaders will bow down. Kingdoms will fall down. 
 A6              Bb                                 Csus 
  Have you felt your world begin to shake? 
B/D#                             Em             
Hear the sound of the Lion of Judah 
A/C#                        D 
See the fire and the fear in the enemy?s camp 
B/D#                             Em                  C          D 
From the sound of the Lion of Judah roaring again 
B/D#                        Em 
There?s a new generation arising 
A/C#              Em 
A nameless, faceless, placeless tribe 
B/C#                       Em 
  All they fear is the fear of the Lord 
                C              D             Em 
All they hear is the Lion of Judah 
(Verse 2) 
Em                             Em/C 
All I saw were bones breaking in the darkness 
 Am            D                Em 
Then I walked into the light 
  Em                           Em/C 
There I saw an army coming from the river 
        Am           D                 Em 
With five stones ready to fight 


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