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After An Afternoon Chords

Jason Mraz

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by abelamin

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After An Afternoon

Capo on 2nd fret
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Intro- e|-----------------------------------------------| B|-----------------------------------------------| G|-----0-----0-------0-----0-----0-------0-------| D|---0-----0---0---0-----0-----0---0---0---------| A|-2-----3-------3-------------------------------| E|---------------------2-----3-------3-----------|
G C D G I bare my windowed self untamed and untrained G C D G Dreams that hardly touch our complexions truest faults G C D G If room enough for both my drowsy spirit shall fall G C D G Bold waves tumble oh to the season of my heart G C D G And you have offended my faith and my trust G C D G Until all is lost into the beauty of the day (INTRO) G C D But there's something in the way you laugh G G C D G And it makes me feel like a child G C Aspects of life they confuse me D G G C D G You and your thesis amuse me D C Oh, after an afternoon with you G C And your rich brown eyes D G Your lips and your dark hair G C D G Elbows and exposed knees tossing toward the ceiling D C A ling A ling A ling A ling... D Oh.. G After an afternoon (INTRO 8x) D C Face to palm D Tear to tear C Mouth to tongue G C D G Heart to ground G C D G Heart to ground G C D G Heart to ground G C Heart, heart, D G I am in love

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