Jason Isbell


Jason Isbell

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Capo on 2nd fret
Jason Isbell 

nd fret 
Intro: G  Gb/G  Em   D  C 
      G                 C                  G   C  G  Gb/G 
I've heard love songs, make a Georgia man cry 
        Em           D                   C 
On the shoulder of somebody?s Saturday night 
          G           C          G  C  G  Gb/G 
Read the good book, studied it too 
       Em     D              C                  
But nothing prepared me for livin? with you 
D           Em             C           G 
Lock me up tight in these shackles I wear 
Em           D            C            G 
Tied up the keys in the folds of your hair 
        Em           D            C                        
And the difference with me is I used to not care 
                      G        C   G 
Stockholm let me go home 
        G        C                   G      C  G  Gb/G 
Once a wise man to the ways of the world 
          Em            D           C 
Now I've traded those lessons for faith in a girl 
            G       C                   G      C  G  Gb/G 
Cross the ocean, thousand years from my home 
        Em           D       C 
In this frozen old city of silver and stone 
D             Em         C             G 
Ships in the harbor and birds on the bluff 
Em              D        C             G 
Don't move an inch when their anger goes up 
Em                     D       C       
And the difference in me is I'm falling in love 
                       G    C 
Stockholm let me go home 
        G       C  G 
Let me go home 
       Am       C                  G                     D 
And the night so long I used to pray for the daylight to come 
 Am           C                   G                                D 
Folks back home surely have called off the search and gone back to their own 

Bridge: G  Gb/G  Em   D    G   Gb/G   Em   D  G  Gb/G 

              G  Gb/G  Em   D  C  G 
Let me go home?. 

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