Jason And The Scorchers

Beat On The Mountain

Jason And The Scorchers

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Beat On The Mountain

Capo on 6th fret

Verse ?C? Riff: 
Csus2?C  C  C  C     C Csus4-C-Csus2 
e|-0----0--0--0--|-0- -0------0--| 
B|-1----1--1--1--|-1- -1------1--| 
G|-0----0--0--0--|-0- -0------0--| 
D|-0h2--2--2--2--|-2? -3p2----0--| 
A|-3----3--3--3--|-3- -3------3--| 

verse 1A: 
C                                  F - C 
I been workin? in this mine since 1984 
(C)                        G   
Just like my daddy did and his dad dis before 
F                                    Am 
I stand in line and ride that train down where I can't see 
C                                  F               C 
Tryin? to break down that wall o? coal in front o? me 

verse 1B:
C                          F                  C 
Preacher tried to tell me what was wrong and right 
(C)                           G   
But I learned all my lessons with a carbide light 
F                                 Am 
Down where air is precious where losers lose it all 
C                               F                 C 
Where to stand and be a man you have to learn to crawl 

(C)            G                    F              C   
I beat on the mountain . . . with a hammer keepin? time 
(C)              G                      F   
Way down in the dungeon . . . Where the sun don't shine, 
(C)                     F                                     Am   
Down in the hear of the darkness . . . you can hear my hammer ring 
(Am)           G                      F                   C 
I beat on the mountain . . . but the mountain don't say a thing 

Am                 C 
Back in ?37 the strikers shut ?em down 
     F                  C              G   
The bosses brought the hard men in to run us outa town 
      Am                      C 
Well, nowadays the union rep still don't know my name 
       F                 C              G 
Those days o? script are over, but the dust rolls just the same. 

verse 2: 
C                                 F      -      C 
How I love this mountain that my daddy?s buried on 
(C)                          G   
Everyday I dig that coal he built his life upon 
F                              Am 
Some folks say that our way of life is out of time 
C                                  F                 C 
But for now I'm caught between the mountains and the mine 

Repeat Chorus 2x and tag ?The mountain don't say a thing? 3 extra times 

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