Jana Hu

Have You Got My Money Chords

Jana Hu

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by guido%5F

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Have You Got My Money

(Jana Hunter)

Intro E, A, E, A 

E           G#                    C#      A  
Dear neighbor, have you got my money 

E             G#           C#           A 
i need the milk, and my babe needs some honey 

E             G#              C#             A 
i wish i didn´t draw myself in so many shades 

     E             G#     C#             A      
sometimes you can´t pick with the rules of the game 

A            G#       F#    G, A 
she was my favorite heart 

A          G#       F#    F# 
took two years and went 

back to the star 

but of course 
i was wrong 

E, A, E, A 

E           G#                    C#      A 
Dear neighbor i thought i left my sugar at home 

              E           G#                    C#      A 
have you by any chance seen the man with the dust dome 

E                  G#                    C#       
we had a party invited marty talked to the band 

in the back for a while 

E         G#                C#      A 
say, baby why dont you smile 

A              G#             F# 
i needed my friends that time 

but all i got 

was a poor imitation 

of humankind 

but of course 

i was myselfo 

E, A, E A 

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