Too young to die


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Too young to die

Year: 2006 - Album: High Times: Singles 1992-2006

Verse: Cm9 / Fsus2/7  / Bbsus4/9  / Abmaj7/9 / G7/5-  
Chorus: Cm7 / Dbm7 / Ab11 / Bb11

Transcribed by Tom Verboven [email protected]

Too Young To Die - Jamiroquai (Lyrics)

Don't want no war,
'Cos we're too young to die,
So many people,
All around the world now,
Seen their brothers fry.
What's the motive?
In your madness.
You've made my people cry.
So politicians this time
I think you better keep your distance.
'Cos we're too young to die.
What's the answer?
I wish I knew
To our problems
I think we've gone too high,
Little children,
Never said a word now,
But still they have to die
Now I'm asking why
It won't be long.
Dancing like we do now,
to put this sad world right.
So don't you worry,
People we don't have to suffer no more,
'Cos we're too young to die.
All gone when they drop the bomb.
Can the politicians reassure?
'Cos here I am presuming that
Nobody wants a war
There's so many people praying
Just to find out if they're staying.
But lately stately governments
And disillusioned leaders,
So full of empty promises
But rarely do they feed us.
Put our backs against the wall
Or don't we count at all.
Can you decide,
Are you mesmerised.
Do you know which side you're standing?
Cos when it falls gonna take us all
Gotta know what we're demanding,
I never lie,
Can't your hear the cry,
Coming from on high,

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