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Picture of My Life

  		Tabbed by Kevin Crimi

This tune and two others on the album, Black Crow and Corner of the Earth, 
combine to make what I call a Jazz trilogy which step up the guitar to show off newcomer, 
Rob Harris's chops. This is my very first tab but I am almost absolutely sure of it 
and I had to do it when I saw the lack of decent Jamiroquai tabs. 
Thank you to Lucien Hall for giving me a boost on this song. 
I transposed his tab and corrected some of the mistakes he made. Let's get Jazzy!

 Am7   A7sus2   Am7     A7sus2

Am7                 Bm7/5-      Dm7               G13                Dm7          G11              Dm7              
   I never had a dream, that I could follow through, only tears left to stain, dry my eyes 
           G9 G7/9
once again
Am7                       Bm7/5-      Dm7                G13              Dm7                G11
   I don't know who I am,     or what I'm gonna do. Been so long, I've been hopelessly 

                                 Dm7  G7                     Cm7 Gb7/5-                                 Bm7/5- E7
This can never really end,          It's infinitely sad,               can someone tell me when  
                                              Bm7 B7
something good became so bad
                          Dm7  G7                                  Cm7  Gb7/5-                            Bm7/5- E7
So if you have a cure,           would you please send,                 a picture of my life    with 
                                                                     Am7  A7sus2  Am7  A7sus2  
a letter tellin how it should really be instead

Am7  A7sus2  Am7  A7sus2  

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let ring e |-------------------------------------------------3--/--2--/--0--------------------------------------| B|---------------5-----------------------3--------1---------------------------------------------------| G|-----------7----------------------5-------------0---------------------------------------------------| D|-------5--------------------3-------------------2---------------------------------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------0---------------------------------------------------| E|---5--------------------4----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Technique Arppegiate ( or play in individual notes) the chords G13 and E7 in the verse to make it sound like the recording. Structure Intro Verse Chorus Bridge Verse Chorus Bridge 2x Chorus (interlude when jay scats) Bridge 4x Ending

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