Jamie Mcdell

Life In Sunshine

Jamie Mcdell

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Life In Sunshine


G            Am   F 
I know we'll be alright 
C        G    F  
I'm sure this time 
Am       F       C 
Today is warm outside 
Am    G      F 
Today we're fine 

C G So hot and my feet on fire F Am I'm so gone, turn the beat up higher Am G Dm And we know we're living life in sunshine C G No time for stress, we're all so lazy F G And tonight we're gonna go crazy Am G C And we know we're living life in sunshine
VERSE 2 G Am F This ain't know tv show C G F This is life right now Am F C So turn up the radio Am G F Sing this song out loud Am G F there's nowhere you need to be Am G F Then right here beside the sea Am F C Today I lost my mind G F And I feel alive CHORUS BRIDGE Am G F This is the golden ages Am G F Driving in my car C Am G So listen closely baby Am G F I'm loving where we are CHORUS

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