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You can close your eyes Chords

James Taylor

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You can close your eyes

Year: 1990 - Album: One Man Band [CD + DVD]

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D G A4 A7 D G A4 e|-----0-2-3-0----0-|-----0-2-3-------0---| B|---3-----3-3----2-|---3-----3-------3---| G|-2---------0----0-|-2-------------------| D|---0--------------|---0---------0-------| A|-----------0----0-|-----------------0---| E|---------3--------|---------3-2-0-------|
D G D A Well, the sun is surely sinking down Em Bm A G, Em A7sus4 But the moon is slowly ris-ing D G D A So this old world must still be spinning 'round Em Bm A D G D/E A D And I still love you G Em7 Ass4 A7 So close your eyes C G Bm You can close your eyes, it's all right Em Ass4 A7 I don't know no love songs C G Bm And I can't sing the blues anymore Em D/F# G But I can sing this song Em D/F# G A Bm And you can sing this song when I'm gone Em7 F#m7 G Em7 A7sus4 A It won't be long before another day We're gonna have a good time And no one's gonna take that time away You can stay as long as you like {chorus} Ending: D G A7sus4, D G Em7 A7 D.

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