James Ingram

Theres No Easy Way

James Ingram

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Theres No Easy Way

	  		There`s No Easy Way To Break Somebody`s Heart- James Ingram  
Tabbed by Christian Estoesta  
British School Manila 
  D-Em7                   F#m 
I held her close to me 
            G               A/G        F#m Bm-G 
Coz I know she breaks so easily 
And then I told her 
          Em            F#m        G/A         
But I knew no matter how I tried to console her 
D               Em                     F#m 
She'd just do the best she could 
       G             A/G             F#m Bm    Cm7 
But there are times the best is no damn good 

            A                     D           Em 
And no matter how you try to be kind 
              F#m               G         F#          Bm 
There's always still a part of you you'll leave behind 
When it falls apart 
                    G       F#m       Em        A 
There's no easy way to break somebody's heart. D Back to Intro 

    D           Em7                    F#m 
I lied and told her she'll be fine 
                    G              A/G     F#m Bm-G 
Though we both knew it was just a lie 
I had to do it 
                 Em          F#m     G 
Coz I had said anything to help me get through it. 
D              Em                          F#m 
And she reached out for my hand 
               G            A/G         F#m            Bm 
And her simple touch was more than I could  
Stand Cm7 
    A                    D                Em 
And I had to turn away coz I knew 
              F#m                     G        F# 
All the hurt that she was feeling, I was  

feeling too 
Coz when it falls apart 
                    G   F#m   Em                A 
There's no easy way to break somebody's heart. D 
C-Bb                          Gm 
She could've gotten angry 
                        Eb            Dm    Cm 
And made me feel like a guilty child 
     Cm   Dm             F                    Bb 
But I realized that never was her style 

C-C#                  Bbm 
I wanted her to hurt me 
               F#        Fm         Ebm 
And not treat me like a friend 
    Ebm                                  Fm 
I wanted her to say "there'd be someday 
                F#                                 Cm7 
I'd come crawling on my knees to ask her  
 F       Bb 
back again" 
      Am                        D        G 
But she acted like a lady till the end 
A7sus            A7 
Oh, what a lady! 

 D     Em7                        F#m 
I thought that she'd bring down 
                G          A/G            F#m Bm 
But she smiled at me and never made a  
            A                     D    Em 
And I guess she understood in her way 
                 F#m         G         F# 
Coz her silence told me everything she  
could not say 
When it falls apart 
Well There's no easy way to break 
              Bb         Am  Gm 
There's just no easy way 
               Em   F#m            G/A 
There's no easy way to break somebody's heart...D7sus G/D Daug B 

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