James Ingram

I Dont Have The Heart

James Ingram

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I Dont Have The Heart

	  		I Don?t have The Heart- James Ingram original key D 
Tabbed By : Christian Estoesta 
to: Wella Dawn Baloja   I cannot really Love you.  
Im sorry!so this song is for you 

verse 1: 
D                 A 
Your face is beaming 
You say it's case you're dreaming 
 G     Bm                A#     D      
Of how good it's going to be 
You say you've been around 
  A                                 Bm 
And now you've finally found 
  Bm7                                  Em               A 
everything you wanted and needed in me 

G A I don't have the heart to hurt you G D It's the last thing I wanna do G A But I don't have the heart to love you Em Em G D Not the way you want to me to
verse 2: D A Inside I'm dying G Seeing you crying G Bm A# D How can I make you understand D A I care about you G So much about you Em G A I'm trying to say this, as gently as I can (repeat Chorus) verse 3: Em7 F# You're so trusting And open Bm Em Hoping that love will start D G But I don't have the heart Em D A Oh no, I don't have the heart (repeat Chorus)

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