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Give Me Some Love Chords

James Blunt

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by Dillu

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Give Me Some Love

Year: 2007 - Album: All the Lost Souls

	  Give me some love by James Blunt 

Am Me and my C guitar play my F way 
It makes them E frown 
But little Am pieces by the C highway 
F bring me E down 
Mine is Am not a heart of stone 
I am C only skin and bone 
And F those little pieces are little E pieces of my own 

Why don稚 you C give me some love 
I致e taken a E shipload of drugs 
I知 so F tired of never fixing the G pain 
C Valium said to me, I値l take you E seriously 
And we値l F come back as someone G7 else 
Who痴 F better than yourself  {+Today - last Chorus only} 

Many Am faces at the C doorway F all hang E around 
Watch me Am fighting in the C hallway but F make no E sound 
So I知 Am standing all alone, and I知 C only skin and bone 
So many F faces but they all E look out for their own 

{repeat Chorus} x2 

And Am some day C soon they値l Am drop the Dm bomb 
and F let it all out. G Someday. 
I know that Am someday C soon 
we値l Am all be gone so Dm let it all out 
F Let it all out G today 
And C give me some F love 
Yeah, C give me some F love 
Come on, C give me some F love C today 

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