Jake Owen

Dont Think I Cant Love You

Jake Owen

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Dont Think I Cant Love You

	  		Intro: G D Cadd9 

      G             Em            D        Cadd9 
Well, I learned the hard way real early in life 
     G                Dm        Cadd9 
That money sure don't grow on a tree 
    G             Em            D           Cadd9 
And there's a few things that a dollar can't buy 
    Am                             D 
The best things in life, they come free 

   G             Bm7       C 
So girl, I can't buy you a big diamond ring 
   G          Bm7          C 
No house on a hill full of life's finer things 
         Em             D             C              G            Am 
And I'll tell you right now there's a whole lot that I just can't do 
        C           D             G 
Oh, but baby, don't think I can't love you 

G D Cadd9 

    G          Em         D           Cadd9 
And when I get home after workin' all day 
    G                   Dm         C 
I'm beat down, girl I?m dead on my feet 
       G          Em     D         Cadd9 
But as tired as I am, if you wanna play 
      Am                          D 
Well, playin' sounds real good to me 

(Chorus x2) 

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