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Doctor My Eyes Chords

Jackson Browne

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Doctor My Eyes

Doctor my eyes have seen the years  
        Am                        Dm  
And the slow parade of fears without crying  
      Bb       F  
Now I want to understand  
I have done all that I could  
           Am                       Dm  
To see the evil and the good without hiding  
        Bb              F  
You must help me if you can.  
      Dm           F                                  
Doctor my eyes and tell me what is wrong  
Was I unwi---se,  
              C        Bb     F 
To leave them open for so long.  
As I've wondered through this world  
         Am                 Dm  
As each moment has unfurled I lay waiting  
    Bb                 F  
To awaken from these dreams  
People go just where they will  
        Am                           Dm  
I never noticed them until I got this feeling  
          Bb             F  
That it's later than it seems.  
          Dm       F  
Doctor my eyes and tell me what you see  
I hear their cri---es,  
            C           Bb      F 
Just say if it's too late for me.  
Instrumental Interlude 
           Dm     F   
Doctor my eyes that cannot see the sky  
Is this the pri--ce,  
         Am             Bb        F 
For having learned how not to cry.  
Instrumental fade out 

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