Jack B Goon


Jack B Goon

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verse 1 

G   D        Am7 
You made our hands 
From yours to ours 
G     D       Am7 
To be hand in hand 
We're made like you 
G             D  Am7 
Our mouths to be holy 
To profess your glory 
G      D     Am7     C 

verse 2 

G      D           Am7 
Your grace filled love  
to fill me up 
G    D                  Am7 
And you're always at my side 
I won't be shaken 
G                D    Am7 
The gift you're given us 
Is only through your hands 
riff G     D    Am7    C  


Em                 D 
God you made us in your image 
Em                        D 
And god we can praise you back 

G Em You are the god almighty D C the forever king of me G Em Who am I to worry D C When his hands are over me G His hands protect me G Em We lift up our hands to you D C You lay your hands on us G Em Who am I to worry D C When his hands are over me G His hands protect me

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