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I promise Chords

Jaci Velasquez

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by reginhog12

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I promise

	  {INT} -> E  A9  B7 ( 2x )   
( verso 1 )   
E                   Aadd9  B7   
lord , you know my  heart   
E              Aadd9 B7   
and all my  desires   
        C#m7  G#m7     Aadd9      E   
and the secret things  ill  never  tell   
 F#m7                  B7   
lord  you know  them  well   
( verso 2 )   
E                Aadd9   B7   
though i  may be  young   
E                  Aadd9 B7   
i see  and  understand   
         C#m7       G#m7   Aadd9     E   
that at times like sheep  we go  astray   
  F#m7                   B7   
and things get  out of  hand   
( coro )   
       Aadd9 E  B7        Aadd9  B7  E   
so i  pro mise  to  be  true to you   
 Aadd9                  E   
to  live my  life  in  purity   
     F#m7   B7   
as  unto  you   
         Aadd9 E  B7   
waiting for the day   
         Aadd9  B7  E   
when i  hear you say   
  Aadd9            E   
here is the one i have created   
F#m7   B7  E   
just  for  you   
( repetir intro )   
( verso 3 )   


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