J Tillman

Seven States Across

J Tillman

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Seven States Across

Capo on 4th fret
	  		Capotraste 4 casa 

Tom: Dm 

Dm, Am, C, G 
Dm, Am, G 

here's a hammer in the wind 
it falls and drives me in 
there's a weight, a burden in your womb 

there are seven states across 
i'll never seen the ending of while i am young 
before they take my legs 

Dm, Am, G 

i can't watch my words at all 
can't stand against the draw 
there is honey in the lion 
i can't slay it 

now, the home that we live in  
is a tree with broken limbs 
there is fire in the ground 

Dm, Am, G 
there's a way out 
there's a way out 
there's a way out 
there's a way out 

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