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J Tillman

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Capo on 3rd fret


F/C          C        C     C      
I don't have enough 
Am                G      G     G 
To get us all the way 
F/C                   C     C    C 
Why'd you quit your job 
Am                 G      G     G 
Leave without your pay 
A4     Dsus2          G       G     G 
Wasn't worth that much    (3x) 

F/C                C        C     C      
Broke into your mom's 
Am                  G       G     G 
While she was fast asleep 
F/C           C           C     C   
We took the VCR 
Am                   G        G     G 
Kissed her on the cheek 

F/C               C        C     C   
Got out to the yard 
Am                G       G     G 
Put it on the steps 
F/C                 C         C     C   
You turned to me and asked 
Am                         G        G     G 
'Who does a thing like this?' 
A4      Dsus2      G        G     G 
Honey I don't know 
A4      Dsus2       C 
I don't know anymore 

F/C                      C       C     C   
We spent the next few years 
Am                  G       G     G 
Thinking about how we 
F/C                 C         C     C   
Could make a better life 
Am                   G      G     G 
With fewer casualties 

F/C                 C           C     C   
Until your mother passed 
Am                G         G     G 
Left us all she had 
F/C                 C          C     C   
We moved into the house 
Am               G           G     G 
We bought a TV set 
A4     Dsus2         G          G     G 
Wasn't worth that much      (3x) 

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