J. Mascis

Me Again

J. Mascis

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Me Again

Never sure on J's lyrics-just my interpretation. 
C                          Am 
Tell me everything you heard 
Don't think its a bit unsure 
Feels it's gotten insecure 
Gotta take it on your word 

G                      Am 
Said my mind is overrun 
G                Fm7add9 
Said I'm free yeah 
G                    Am 
No it cannot be undone 
G                Fm7add9 
Not til I'm free yeah 

C                           Am 
Sent my mind some other place 
Said my mind had no more space 
And I begged you not to go 
Looks like you already know 

    G                     Am 
???I made a section made a me?????? 
G                Fm7add9 
Guess I'm free yeah 
G                   Am 
Questioning my recipe 
G                 Fm7add9 
Unless it's free yeah 

Am          G    Fm7add9 
Sentimental me  3X 
Getting no more sleep 

G                             Am 
Trace the scourge right out of me 
G            Fm7add9 
Am I free yet 
G                     Am 
Heaved a load into the sea 
G            Fm7add9 
Help me free it 
G                     Am 
Crying out from outer space 
G             Fm7add9 
Set it free again 
G                      Am 
Only seconds off the pace 
G             Fm7add9 
Wish it was me again 

Am            G    Fm7add9 
Sentimental me 8X 

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