I Surrender


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I Surrender

	  		G          D/F#          Em 
I am surrounded by peace 
C          G/B      D 
I'm realizing Your all that I need 
G            D/F#       Em 
I come to You Holy God 
C            G/B            D 
Placing my sin at the foot of the cross 
Bm                      Em 
I don't want to be the same 
F                              D 
Lord I'm crying out Your name 

  C/D     G       Bm       Em 
I surrender, I surrender 
All that I am 
All that You see 
    C                    D           Em 
The good and the bad, I lay at Your feet 
G - C - D 
Transition chords: A/C# (2x before bridge) 

G/B                       C 
It doesn't matter what my friends might think, 
   D/F#                      G 
It doesn't matter where I've been before 
   G/B                    C 
It doesn't matter what it might cost me, 
D/F#       G        
Lord I surrender (repeat) 

G - C - D 
I .....  Surrender 

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