Isaac Russell

West Virginia

Isaac Russell

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West Virginia

Capo on 1st fret

Intro: G  C  G  C  

Skippin' town 
Gone back to West Virginia 
              G                      D        B7       
With just a pencil to my name 
And I once had a lover 
     C                 Am 
But I messed it up 
                          G              D              G 
And I'll write her letters of love every day 
Cause I laughed at the Lord, 
Em                                   D/C 
Danced with the woman in red 
              G                Em 
And the pillow's so cold 
Where my love once laid her head 
                 G                          Em         D/C 
And I need more than West Virginia could give 

          G  Em  D/C 
I need salvation 
          Am       D 
I need salvation 

Instrumental Section G   C   G   D   B7   Em   C   Am   G   D   G 

G                              C 
All the times I think I see your face 
           G                D    B7 
In the West Virginia skies 
      Em          C   Am 
But its never you, 
And you don't need me girl, 
              D                G 
Cause I'm just a blight 

        G                        Em              D/C 
The perfume that you wear stains my heart 
             G                        Em            D/C 
And the tear stains on the letters from you 

They rip me apart 
And I need so much more 
        Em                D/C 
Than any lover could give 

          G  Em D/C 
I need salvation 
          G         D  B7 
I need salvation 
          Em       C 
I need salvation 
                 G                         Em              C 
And I need more than West Virginia could give 
           G           C 
I need salvation. 

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