Iron & Wine

Naked As We Came

Iron & Wine

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by  RACHLOCK2002

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Naked As We Came

	  		Capo II, Tune dropped D  
Chords - D9: 054030, Em9: 20000X,  A9: 002200 
See below for picking patterns.  

Intro: D9 E9 2x 

D9                  Em9 
She says, "wake up, it's no use pretending" 
D9                  Em9 
I'll keep stealing, breathing her 
D9                Em9 
birds are leaving over autumn's ending 
D9             Em9              A9 
one of us will die inside these arms 
Em9               A9      
eyes wide open,  
Em9              A9      
naked as we came 
Em9                 A9      
one will spread our  
Em9                  D9              
ashes around the yard 

{intro chords again} 

she says, "if I leave before you, darling, 
don't you waste me in the ground" 
I lay smiling     like our sleeping children 
one of us will   die inside these arms 
eyes wide open,   naked as we came 
one will spread our    ashes around the yard 

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