Inara George

It's Raining

Inara George

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It's Raining

G		   	  D  
It?s raining so hard  
G					C  
Looks like it?s going to rain all night  
And this is the time  
I?d love to be holding you tight  
G				D  
But I guess I?ll have to accept  
G		        G/B C 
The fact that you?re not here  
A					D  
I wish the night will hurry up and end, my dear  

G		        D  
It?s raining so hard  
It?s really coming down  
Sitting by my window  
Watching the rain fall to the ground  
G		D  
This is the time  
G		G/B		C  
I?d love to be holding you tight  
A				D       G  
I guess I?ll just go crazy ...tonight  

It?s raining so hard  
It brings back memories  
Of the time that you were here with me  
Counting every drop  
About to blow my top  
I wish the rain would hurry up and stop  

I've got the blues so bad  
I can hardly catch my breath  
And the harder it rains  
The worse it gets  
This is the time  
I?d love to be holding you tight  
I guess I?ll just go crazy tonight  


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