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Gypsy In Me Chords

Imelda May

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by hebealmeida

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Gypsy In Me

Am                    Em 
The gypsy in me can never be free 
B7                    Em 
Never be wild like the wind 
Am                 Em 
The gypsy in me I keep in a cage 
C                 B7             Em 
Locked up like a soul that has sinned 

C G Time and again I dream of a life Am G I'm wandering with no home C So I soar to the skies G No restraints, no goodbyes Am B7 No place that I'd never roam
Am But these wings I will tie Em So I cannot fly B7 Em Away to the arms of the breeze Am Em So don't stay by my side as I have to deny C B7 Em The gypsy in me

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