Ian Moore


Ian Moore

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by  NIFFUM110

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	  		INTRO:  E  E F#m G Ab - C#m7  F#m7   B  A  E A E 

	E	Abm                    C#m7          F#m7
If I fell at your feet, would you ever notice me? 
	B                      A                 E  
Hey baby, would you just pass me by? 
If I?m hurting deep of the night, would you come and make everything eright? 
Hey baby, would I have to ask you twice? 

B E Let me in Momma, and we?ll take it real slow. B E I?ll show you things, if you just let it go yeah.
B B/C# Give you my money, give you my time C#m B A I give you anything to make you mine yeah E B A E And all I want is to keep you satisfied. (SOLO) E Abm7 C#m7 F#m7 B A E (Repeat 1) (Chorus) 2x

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