Ian Dury

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll

Ian Dury

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by  MONC

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Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll

	  		I hope you can work the rest out.  I know it's based around E7 
                               B7         E7 
Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll is very good indeed 
C#m             G#m      A                   B 
Keep your silly ways or throw them out the window 
C#m             G#m      A                   B 
The wisdom of your ways, I?ve been there and I know 
C#m             G#m      A                
Lots of other ways, what a jolly bad show 
   D                   B        A    G     E7 
If all you ever do is business you don't like 
C#m             G#m      A                   B 
Every bit of clothing ought to make you pretty 
C#m             G#m       A                   B 
You can cut the clothing grey it's such a pity 
C#m                 G#m         A             B 
I should wear the clothing of Mister Walter Mitty 
D                               B             A   G   E 
See my tailor he?s called Simon I know it's going to fit 
All in E7 
Here's a little bit of advice, you're quite welcome it is 
Don't do nothing that is cut-price you know what that'll 
make you be 
They will try their tricky device, trap you with the ordin'ry 
Get your teeth into a small slice of the cake of liberty 
??Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll  (to fade) 
A brilliant song, in fact New Boots & Panties was the first album I 
ever bought - What a corker !!! 
All the best!! 


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