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No Direction Home Chords

I Am Kloot

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by aman%5Fclaudino

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No Direction Home

  		From the Gods And Monsters album.  
Very simple chords, the trick is the riff which is always played over the Am chord. 

Am Riff played constantly over the Am chord 
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E ---------0----0---0| B ---1--3--x--3---3--| G ---2--2--2--2------| D ---2---------------| A 0------------------| E x------------------|
Intro ===== Am Riff1 x 4 verse 1 ======= Am Crawl upon the earth scour the universe you know F Set my compass north circumscribe the earth and go G Am With no direction home verse 2 ======= What's my part in this what's this dream I cant let go What's your way with this F What d'ya want to see and who d'you want to know G Am You've no direction home F No direction home G Am No direction verse 3 ======= Feels like all is lost there's nowhere left to go F Through the seasoned sands across the sky through the morning snow G Am Is there no direction home F Nowhere left to go G Am No direction Out === Am Riff x 4 - finish on Am chord ----------------------------------------- I hope I've done it justice! Kevin O'Brien Watford England January 2014 [email protected]

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