Let It Happen Chords


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by educastilho

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Let It Happen

Intro Eb Cm Dsus4 (x2) 

verse 1 
Eb             Cm                Dsus4 
 It's always around me, all this noise but 
Eb              Cm       Ebsus4 
 Not nearly as loud as a voice singing 
Eb              Cm          Dsus4 
 Let it happen, let it happen 
Eb                   Cm          Dsus4  Dsus4 
 Just let it happen, let it happen 

Am F All this running around G Em Trying to cover my shadow Am F An ocean growing inside G Em Now all the others seem shallow Am F All this running around G Em Bearing down on my shoulders Am F I can hear an alarm G Dsus4 Must be morning
Post-Chorus Eb Cm Dsus4 (x2) verse 2 Eb Cm Dsus4 I heard about a whirlwind that's coming around Eb Cm Dsus4 It's gonna carry off all that isn't bound, and Eb Cm Dsus4 When it happens, when it happens Eb Cm Dsus4 Dsus4 So let it happen, let it happen
Am F All this running around G Em I can't fight it much longer Am F Something's trying to get out G Em And it's never been closer Am F If my ticker fails G Em Make up some other story Am F But if I never come back G Em Tell my mother I'm sorry
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Solo Eb Cm Dsus4 Eb Cm Dsus4 e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-4--------4-6-4-3-----3-------------3-4-3-------4--------4-6-4-3-----3-----------------------------| G|--------------------6---6------------------------------------------6---6--------3-------3-2--------| D|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6-3-6| A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Outro Eb Cm I will not vanish and you will not scare me Dsus4 Try to get through it Eb try to bounce to it Cm Dsus4 You were not thinking that I will not do it Eb They be lovin' someone Cm and I'm another story Dsus4 Take the next ticket to Eb get the next train Cm Why would I do it? Dsus4 And you wanna think that (repeat and fade) Eb Cm Maybe, I was ready Dsus4 All along Eb Cm Oh maybe, I was ready Dsus4 All along Eb Cm Oh maybe, I was ready Dsus4 All along

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