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Everybody's Got Somebody But Me Chords

Hunter Hayes

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Everybody's Got Somebody But Me


Capo 3 

           G              A                D 
I wish the couple on the corner would just get a room 
           G        A                    Bm 
Seems like everyone around me's on their hony moon 
    G              A         D 
Id love to take a pin to a heart shaped ballon 
     G          A           D 
Everybodys got somebody but me 

Well I dont know how I landed on this movie set 
Its like a casting call for Romeo and Juliet 
I never would of noticed if we never met 
But Everybodys got somebody but me 

Bm And I miss You D Without you I just dont fit in Bm I know were through Bb But I'm wishing we could try it again
I hear love songs playin on the radio And people slow dancing everywere I go Well Im a good slow dancer but you'd never know Everbodys got somebody but me Chorus Sitting here lonly at a table for two Watching lovers being lovers in the corner booth Seems like even Cupid dont know what to do Everybodys got somebody but me G A Bm Yeah Dont know if I'll ever find another you G A D But everybodys got somebody but me

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