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What I Mind Chords

Hugh Laurie

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by jessgomes

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What I Mind

Intro: F C7 F C7 

F              A7          Dm    Dm7 
 Well, I don't mind being lonely 
Bb        D9         G7 
  I don't mind being poor 
Bb       G7/B         F         D7 
  What I mind is being   misunderstood 
G7        Bb          C7 
  I can't take it anymore 

F        A7               Dm      Dm7 
 You may say that I'm a loser 
Bb            D9                  G7 
  And I won't say that that ain't true 
Bb              G7/B                  F    D7 
  But if you say once more that I'm a hoover 
G7                     C7                    F   F7 
  Then maybe I'm gonna have to disagree with you 

Bb         A7                       Dm     Dm7 
  Too many times I've been called a garage 
Bb          D9                      G7 
  More than once I've been termed a hat 
Bb                G7/B          F         D7 
  For more than a year I lived in your pocket 
G7                            Bb          C7 
  While you thought I was the key to your flat 

F          A7                   Dm       Dm7          
 Now I'm saying that that's all over 
Bb             D9                 G7 
  I've got to stand up for what I am 
Bb            G7/B             F     D7 
  So from now on I want you to call me 
      G7         C7            F 
 Just call me whenever you can 

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