Jackie And Wilson


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Jackie And Wilson

Capo on 1st fret

Intro:   C  Dm F  (C/E) 
         C  Dm Em F (C/E) 

C           Dm                          F            (C/E) 
So tired trying to see from behind the red in my eyes 
C                    Dm         Em         F         (C/E) 
No better version of me I could pretend to be tonight 
C                Dm  Em             F               (C/E) 
So deep in the swill with the most familiar of swine 
      Dm          F      C    
For reasons wretched and divine 

C          Dm                    F               (C/E) 
She blows out of nowhere roman candle of the wild 
C           Dm      Em         F           (C/E) 
Laughing her way through my feeble disguise 
C            Dm        Em             F         (C/E) 
No other version of me I would rather be tonight 
     Dm              F    C       
And lord she found me just in time 

               Am      Em            F 
Cause with my mid-youth crisis all said and done 
               Dm                          Bb    Bm   C 
I need to be youthfully felt 'cause god I never felt young 

C         Dm                  F                                (C/E) 
She's gonna save me call me 'baby' run her hands through my hair 
C         Dm                    F                               (C/E) 
She'll know me crazy soothe me daily better yet she wouldn't care 
Am          Em              F                                 (C/E) 
We'll steal a Lexus be detectives ride 'round picking up clues 
C          Dm                       F 
We'll name our children Jackie and Wilson raise 'em on rhythm and blues 

C             Dm                         F               (C/E)   
Lord it'd be great to find a place we could escape sometime 
C           Dm  Em     F                           (C/E) 
Me and my Isis growing black irises in the sunshine 
C                Dm  Em              F                 (C/E) 
Every version of me dead and buried in the yard outside 
Dm                 F        C 
Sit back and watch the world go by 

      Am   Em              F 
Happy to lie back watch it burn and rust 
Dm                               Bb    Bm  C 
We tried the world good god it wasn't for us 


Am   Em-F   Em-F   Em  C 
Am   Em-F   Em-F   Em  C 
Am   Em-F   Em-F   Em  C 
Dm   Bb Bm C 

C            Dm                      F               (C/E) 
Cut clean from the dream that night let my mind reset 
C               Dm                   F           (C/E)     
Lookin' up from a cigarette and she's already left 
C                     Dm   Em                 F                          (C/E) 
I start diggin' up the yard for what's left of me and our little vignette 
Dm                      F  C 
For whatever poor soul is coming next 


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