Houston Marchman

Hank's Angel

Houston Marchman

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Hank's Angel

	  		D                         Em 
This old guitar's playin' harder 
G                              D 
And I'm still rollin' with the thunder 
Em              G                        A      Asus2  A 
I've learned to dance with the lightning bolts 
        Asus2                  Em                                                            
But the dreams so clear in the morning lights 
G                D 
Can blind you at midnight  
    Em          Em/F#           G  
'Til angels and devils look the same 
G               A               D 
Leaves you with nothing but the rain 
D G But if I had Hank's angel D With them lips of sweet morphine Em Get me stoned down in Hank's Cadillac G D Drive us both down to New Year's Eve G But I'm wasted on these city streets D Rank strangers stand unkind C The only place I find an angel G D Is a bottle at a time
I've got the moon still here to guide me Finds me like my ex-best friend Shines a thin pale light beside me Down on regret, what might have been But he won't send me no more angels Man I wasted all of mine I left them walking down that lost highway In The miles I left behind Chorus

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