Hot Water Music


Hot Water Music

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Capo on 4th fret

Capo on 4th fret with chords relative to the capo 

Intro: Am    F    C   (x4) 

Interlude / First solo 

C    Am    F    G 

Em   F - C    F    G 

verse 1 
C           Am                   F                           G 
Driving all night and now you're finally back again, tell me where you've been? 
Em                F        C               F                             G 
Southbound, gotta get back home. You're in town a couple days, let's get on our way  

Am F C Arm and arm (We'll break the takedown) Am F C Dm We'll break the takedown (Gonna fill myself) Am F C With all my friends (Cause these are our nights) Am F C To run through this again
Interlude / Second solo C Am F G Em F - C F G verse 2 C Am F G Drinking all night and now it's time to wind down, talk about what we found Em F C You only got until Friday to make it to Washington state F G Tomorrow morning you'll be gone, but we'll be here, we'll be waiting
Am F C I can't wait (I keep waiting) Am F C Dm For the next embrace (Just like the last one) Am F C Walks and talks of friendship (That's neverending) Am F C Stories of his trade Am F C Arm and arm we'll break (We'll break the takedown) Am F C Dm Like we did in those days (Keep us rolling) Am F C He's never really leaving (He's just rolling) Am F C When we watch him drive away
Palm muted bridge Am F Am C - Dm (x4) Outro: Am G F C F G Am G F C F G Go Get your gun and just* Am G F C F G Go A long time and just* Am G F C F G Go It must be lonely* Am G F C F G Go Am *I have no idea what he's saying and it's not in the lyric booklet. If anyone knows, e-mail me. Also e-mail me if you find a problem with this tab. I think it should be spot on though. Email: [email protected]

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