Holly Starr

What Is Love

Holly Starr

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What Is Love


(Intro)  E       A       E      A 

(verse 1) 

A                       A/G# 
  The phone rang today 
I let it ring and ring and ring 
A                      A/G# 
  I was trying to sleep 
You interrupted me 
D                       F#m 
  I didn't want to pick up 
D                                E 
  I let it go through the routine 
Bm                       A                 D 
  But I'm caught in the in between 

E What is love A if it's locked up in this house E What is love A if it's locked up in my mouth F#m I'm finished holding the key E/G# I'm breaking open the door A I'm done with fighting the war I've chosen to ignore E What is Love
(verse 2) A A/G# When I saw the children F#m I could barely breathe A A/G# F#m With all the brokenness staring back at me D F#m I noticed many faces D E that couldn't hide their need Bm A D But I'm caught in the in between (bridge) F#m E/G# A

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