Most Holy


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Most Holy


Key: Bb 

Intro: Bb     Eb  Eb/F  Bb    Eb/F   F 
       //// - // - // - //// - // - // 

verse 1:  
There is no god above You,  
There is no other like You. 
Bb/Ab       Ab/Bb            Cm7                  F 
Jesus, in You   alone is righteousness and strength 

verse 2: 
Bb                           Dm7 
Faithful in all Your ways, exalted above all names, 
 Bb/Ab    Gsus4   G      Cm7               F 
Desire of every nation, high above all gods. 

Bb Gm7 You're most Holy, most righteous Ab/Bb Cm7/F F Almighty God, all faithful Lord Eb/F Bb Gm7 You're most wonderful, most worthy to Cm7 F Receive glory, power and strength
INTERLUDE: Eb/F //// verse 3: Bb All nations shall come worship Dm7 For You alone are Holy. Bb/Ab Gsus4 G Who would not fear You Lord Cm7 F And glorify Your Name. BACK TO Chorus: Bridge: Dm Gm In You alone the fullness dwells Fm7 Ab/Bb Eb In You alone salvation for the world C C/E There is no other god and F All the earth will sing BACK TO Chorus: 2x INTERLUDE: Eb/F F // - // ENDING: Eb F Holy, holy, holy Eb F Holy, holy, holy Cm7 F Holy, holy, holy Cm7 F Holy, holy, holy END: Bb Created by: Vladimir Suarez

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