Deep Of Your Grace (acoustic)


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Deep Of Your Grace (acoustic)


Intro: C  F  C  F 

verse 1:
C               F 
You are the Shepherd 
C            F 
Giving what I could not afford 
Em           Am 
Leaving the many 
          F               G  Am9  F  Am9  F 
You sought to find me Lord 

verse 2:
C          F 
I will remember 
C             F 
You are the reason for my song 
Em         Am 
Blessed Redeemer 
        F              G 
You love me as Your own 

Am9 F In the deep of Your grace Am9 C/E All my sins are washed away F Am Here I know the power of forgiveness F G F (F G (6x) F) Here I know the power of Your blood
Bridge: G Am G/B F All I am G Am G/B F will I lay down G Am G/B F All I have F G before Your cross Lord

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