Song (Your Love)


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Song (Your Love)

	  		A              E 
_It used to be darkness 
Bm       D9 
_Without you 
A                      E 
_I lived my life in Blindness 
Bm             D9 
_But now I'm found 
          A          E/G# 
_And I'll sing, i'll sing 
   Bm           D9 
_I love you so 
          A                 A/G              D9/F# 
_And i'll sing, because the world can't take away 
_Your love 
A            E 
_Found me in weakness 
Bm    D9 
A                   E 
_You came to me in  kindness 
Bm         D 
_And now I live 
Instrumental: A Esus Bm7 D (2x) 
  A           E        Bm7       D 
_I'll give my life For You, Lord____ 
     D9/F#              1ª(Repetir 4x) 
_For All You've Done    2ª(voltar ao coro) 


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