Seeking You


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Seeking You

	  		{intro}      Am   F    C 

Am            F     C  
It's You I can't escape 
Your love has me surrounded 
F         C 
In every way 
So I surrender now 
F            C  
And raise my hands 
                  Am   F  C     
All I want is You {All I want is You} 

Am          F     C  
You have carried me 
Through many storms 
         F        C 
And many raging seas 
You rescue me 
       F        C 
In my hour of need 
                      Am   G  F  
And all I want is You {All I want is You} 

C I'm coming to You C For the love that I need D I'm desperate for Your touch F G# I'm seeking You C G/B Am G# I'm seeking You
{Bridge} D F And all i want is More of You D F Lord all i want is to be with You Am F C You're always by my side Am My closest friend F C In You I can rely Am You're with me F C Every moment of my life C G/B Am G# All I want is You {All I want is You}

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